Photographs and Photomontages 2019

Marc Buffery

Welcome to my world .    Art   can   either   be   a   means   of   recording   or   a   means   of   creating   new,   highly   personal,   worlds.   The   same   ideas apply   to   photography.   I   originally   spent   my   time   recording   what   I   saw   and   what   any   other   person   present   could see at that moment in time, but images of this type have a life before and after our observations. By   using   and   reworking      my   images,   recorded   at   that   critical   moment,   as   a   starting   point   I   consider   what   may have   happened   in   that   space   before   I   “captured”   it,   frozen      in   time,   or   what   may      have   been      its   fate   in   the future. Sometimes   I   create      social   commentaries,   other   times   “alternative   worlds”.   Either   way   my   images   are   very personal   and   will   only   appeal   to   a   small   minority   of   those   who   visit   my   site.      As   madness   infests   the   world   I   feel driven to make more images. sorry!
Created January 2019 - Fiction Becomes Fact!